The ClusterXchange Programme is an initiative that allows organisations to improve their innovative and networking capacities through targeted visits to hosting organisations, exploring a foreign cluster and meeting new enterprises, businesses, researchers, experts and managers. That programme enables them to innovate developing cross-sectorial and cross-regional strategies. It is another tool to the deepening cross-regional cooperation. Please see the list of events that have already taken place at the end of this page.

Regular exchanges of information and ideas of participants in the ClusterXchange not only promote research and development but also extend businesses’ opportunities to transfer the scientific results into production. The ClusterXchange programme allows to build bridges to bring together research and business organisations from different regions.

The ClusterXchange pilot will be promoted to engage actors from regions with different levels of economic development and cluster organizations with distinct stages of development and experience.

The primary role of clusters in entrepreneurship development is to create conditions for growing new businesses and introduce the R&D results of their members into the innovation system. ClusterXchange programme facilitates companies the access of research organisations.

ClusterXchange is open to cluster organisations, SMEs and Scaling-up support organisations. Each of these categories may apply for an exchange: either as a host organisation or as a visiting organisation.

The financial contribution to a third party can be up to a maximum of EUR 1 100 per visiting organisation.

The visitors (visiting organisations) must organise their travels in a way to be able to spend at least three full working days at the host organisation, with the following activities: a Joint Learning Event, trainings for companies in digital transformation for example, in which companies can enhance their expertise by getting in contact with excellence local organisations, acting as hosts; a matchmaking event (B2B, C2C) and an additional targeted study visit. Upon formal request, it will be possible to extend the visit.

Other option will be the Participation in an international Conference or Fair with matchmaking (B2B, C2C) for SMEs and innovation actors within the framework of the ClusterXchange activities. Or also the individual exchanges may be promoted.

Please, visit the European Cluster Collaboration Platform website and check the European Strategic Cluster Partnership for Excellence leaflet.

List of ClusterXchange events 

#1 - VIRTUAL MARKETPLACE – From 20th January till 24th February2021